Common Sense, Tokyo

Common Sense: Shane Berry Live In Shibuya (including encore set)

I played an underground party in Shibuya at the end of January, in a small club called Effect. It was fantastic. The crowd was enthusiastic and responsive, the sound was good and the staff friendly.

Main Set

The set is based around a few words by NY times art critic Michael Kimmelman expounding on modern concepts of art; the notion of skill, art as a conversation and ultimately the inherent lie at the heart of art. It also features an orgasm by porn actress Viv Thomas recorded off the internet. All is not what it seems. It starts mellow and deep but changes mood abruptly in a study of aural contrast. (black on white). There are ebbs and tides all the way, (white on black, black on white ) each track feeding into the other while building to a climactic contrast of rough orgasmic intensity, sparse, delicate beauty (white on white) and motor reflex contractions beyond our control.

The atmosphere was perfect and everyone was really into the music, so much so that they would not let me off until I played an encore.

It it caught me completely off guard and I was unable to locate the song I wanted to play out so everyone was watching me fumble around on my laptop in complete silence and then someone in the audience yelled out “Daijobudesuka?” (Is everything okay?/Are you alright?)

With some of my Japanese fans asking this is a running joke because often in my live sets, after a crazy break down or moment of intensity, I play a sample of a Japanese woman asking this question and now they were asking me back.

It was very funny, even for those unaware of the in-joke and it just so happened that I had the sample at hand so I started the encore with the daijobudeska sample and the place went ballistic.

After the Common Sense set finishes if you wait about 2 minutes (yes it took me that long to get my shit together) you can hear the the encore with the “Diajobu desu ka?” sample

Watch your ears, it gets pretty noisy.