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I scored and arranged some music for the highly successful Japan campaign for the mega popular mobile game Clash of Clans by Finish company Supercell.

Project: Clash of Clans Web and TV Campaigns for Japan and Korea

Role: Music Score and Arrangement

Synopsis: Three 15 second spots for terrestrial broadcast for the “Meet The -” series in which the Barbarian Archer and Giant are introduced in a white studio. Two 40 second variations on an orchestral piece for the train sequence.

Music: The 15 second music spots are designed around a deliberately generic elevator style theme emulating the feeling of being heard in a large empty studio. A human character introduces the CG character who then abruptly interrupts both the narrator and music by being themselves and the music is synced to that climax. The elevator theme is repeated throughout the three spots, but in the climax each character is given a short leitmotif designed to expand and reflect upon their distinct personalities.

The Train is a classic and triumphant chase scene with a gigantic reveal, high paced staccatos run after the goblins and their antics and then the piece unfolds into epic strings orchestration with a lush melody. Synced to film, the arrangement underscores all the drama and action.

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