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Shane is an electronic music producer and sound designer creating audio content for short films and games. His commercial audio work appears on campaigns for multinational firms such as Red Bull, SuperCell, Riot, and many more.

Shane is an accomplished recording artist with music released on labels such as Trapez, Ministry of Sound, Kompakt, Sinewave NYC, and Greta Cottage Workshop, and he has more than a decade of live performance experience on the underground techno scenes in Tokyo and Belgrade.

Shane is currently based in Tokyo, Japan as Freelance Audio Director for the award-winning Demagog Studio

My Work

Collaborations, Projects and Music

Instant But Distant: Music and Paper-VJ-ing Art Project

Radio Nostalgia from Mars (Golf Club Wasteland: Original Game Soundtrack)

No Obstacle is too High

Radio Nostalgia from Mars – Take my hand ft. Ana Ćurčin

Golf Club Wasteland – Game Trailer

Golf Club: Wasteland – Sound Design Proof of Concept for Golfer

LJL 2018 Spring Split

Spine 2.0 – Teaser

X hearts Y – TEASER

Surveillance Love Song

LJL 2017 Spring and Summer Tournaments

Simonsis/Nectsis EP

Vorplex EP (Re-Release)

LJL 2016 Summer Split Opening Movie

Melancholic Drone – A Short Film (Trailer).


Amerillo/Ollirema EP (Re-Release)

Shane Berry – Tokyo 320 Single

Local Legends – Nara Marathon (Part 2) | ASICS

Local Legends – Nara Marathon (Part 1) | ASICS

Into Space – The Unofficial Remixes

Our Guardians [a little homage] – TRAILER

Cost-Benefit-Love (TRAILER)

Nemanja Jovanov – Cinematographer Show Reel

The Kraken Awakens

SKYN® Condoms Flower Cart Campaign

Clash of Clans Web and TV Campaign

Red Bull 5G Teaser 2013

Red Bull 5G Teaser 2012

TLM074: Shane Berry – Akaforme

TLM071: Arthur Oskan – Exit Strategy

Aural Imbalance – Four In Deep EP / Greta Cottage Workshop

Shane Berry – Could You Repeat That? EP

h229 – Hydrogen Alpha EP

H229 – Rust EP

H229 – Haunebu EP

Three Channel "It’s Gettin Kinda Hectic (Shane Berry Mix)"

Red Bull AOM

Tokyo Rides – Yoyogi Park Freestyle

Web Trends Map 4 Project

Google – Making It Easy For Your Customers

Google – Extend Your Reach

Fuji TV Anti Piracy Ad Campaign

Photoholic Web Video

Jin – Pompidou Exhibition Project

Limlee – Autumn Score

Limlee – Summer Score

Vibes against Vibes – Japan Benefit Compilation.

Trial & Error – EP – Shane Berry

TRAPEZ ltd 100 – Ten Year Anniversary Release

Gimzology Remix Update

Gimzology – New Jeff Bennet Release with remix by Shane Berry.

How to Use a Turntable EP.

Aural Imbalance Shane Berry Remix Up On LWE.

D1 Recordings – Evening Glow of a River – Baiyon (Featuring Shane Berry)

Descanso 002 Collaboration Track – Grape Coin.

Swayzak: The Missing EP

Placenta EP

Collaboration with DJ Wada

As of Now EP

Mikus – Moph Records Release Out Now

Dynamoelectric EP

Kinda Hectic Trapez Remix

Remix out on D1 recordings

New Release on Glueckskind

Amazoku – Full Length Album

Penumbra Remix – Minsicule

Big Thanks to James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli

Fillertet2: Dominik Eulberg/Gabriel Ananda Remixes

Thanks To DJ Jonathan Lisle

Lost Time EP – Trapez ltd

Thanks To Richie Hawtin And Mixmag.

Education EP – Synewave

Fillertet2 – EP – Shane Berry