My Work

Collaborations, Projects and Music

Instant But Distant: Music and Paper-VJ-ing Art Project

Radio Nostalgia from Mars (Golf Club Wasteland: Original Game Soundtrack)

No Obstacle is too High

Radio Nostalgia from Mars – Take my hand ft. Ana Ćurčin

Golf Club Wasteland – Game Trailer

Golf Club: Wasteland – Sound Design Proof of Concept for Golfer

LJL 2018 Spring Split

Spine 2.0 – Teaser

X hearts Y – TEASER

Surveillance Love Song

LJL 2017 Spring and Summer Tournaments

Simonsis/Nectsis EP

Vorplex EP (Re-Release)

LJL 2016 Summer Split Opening Movie

Melancholic Drone – A Short Film (Trailer).


Amerillo/Ollirema EP (Re-Release)

Shane Berry – Tokyo 320 Single

Local Legends – Nara Marathon (Part 2) | ASICS

Local Legends – Nara Marathon (Part 1) | ASICS

Into Space – The Unofficial Remixes

Our Guardians [a little homage] – TRAILER

Cost-Benefit-Love (TRAILER)

Nemanja Jovanov – Cinematographer Show Reel

The Kraken Awakens

SKYN® Condoms Flower Cart Campaign

Clash of Clans Web and TV Campaign

Red Bull 5G Teaser 2013

Red Bull 5G Teaser 2012

TLM074: Shane Berry – Akaforme

TLM071: Arthur Oskan – Exit Strategy

Aural Imbalance – Four In Deep EP / Greta Cottage Workshop

Shane Berry – Could You Repeat That? EP

h229 – Hydrogen Alpha EP

H229 – Rust EP

H229 – Haunebu EP

Three Channel "It’s Gettin Kinda Hectic (Shane Berry Mix)"

Red Bull AOM

Tokyo Rides – Yoyogi Park Freestyle

Web Trends Map 4 Project

Google – Making It Easy For Your Customers

Google – Extend Your Reach

Fuji TV Anti Piracy Ad Campaign

Photoholic Web Video

Jin – Pompidou Exhibition Project

Limlee – Autumn Score

Limlee – Summer Score

Vibes against Vibes – Japan Benefit Compilation.

Trial & Error – EP – Shane Berry

TRAPEZ ltd 100 – Ten Year Anniversary Release

Gimzology Remix Update

Gimzology – New Jeff Bennet Release with remix by Shane Berry.

How to Use a Turntable EP.

Aural Imbalance Shane Berry Remix Up On LWE.

D1 Recordings – Evening Glow of a River – Baiyon (Featuring Shane Berry)

Descanso 002 Collaboration Track – Grape Coin.

Swayzak: The Missing EP

Placenta EP

Collaboration with DJ Wada

As of Now EP

Mikus – Moph Records Release Out Now

Dynamoelectric EP

Kinda Hectic Trapez Remix

Remix out on D1 recordings

New Release on Glueckskind

Amazoku – Full Length Album

Penumbra Remix – Minsicule

Big Thanks to James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli

Fillertet2: Dominik Eulberg/Gabriel Ananda Remixes

Thanks To DJ Jonathan Lisle

Lost Time EP – Trapez ltd

Thanks To Richie Hawtin And Mixmag.

Education EP – Synewave

Fillertet2 – EP – Shane Berry