& Electronic Music Production


shane berry

Film And Sound Design

Composition, arrangement, and sound design. for award winning film, and TV, 

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Music Production

Over Ten years of Live Performance and Electronic Audio Production.

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Audio Engineering

SAE Certified Audio Engineer proficient in Logic, Pro Tools, Ableton, and Reason.

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Articles for Ask.Audio on various audio related topics.

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Projects and Collaborations

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“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

Recent Posts

Surveillance Love Song

Music I scored for the short film “Our Guardians [a little homage]” Concept and lyrics: Igor Simić / Composition, arrangement...

NexT International Film Festival JUNE 22-26, 2017

The award winning film I worked on with Igor Simic, “Melancholic drone” will be screened in competition at the NexT International...

LJL 2017 Spring and Summer Tournaments

My musical collaboration with PlayBrain. continues for both the spring and summer seasons of League of Legends Japan. Project: LLJ...

Simonsis/Nectsis EP

Simonsis first appeared on James Zabiela’s One to One mix CD as the opening track. It was released by Ministry...

Vorplex EP (Re-Release)

Originally released on the now defunct Dirty Works imprint Vorplex is re-released via bandcamp as a standalone single with two...

Should I Allow a Client Access to the Individual Tracks that I Mixed for their Song?

 Andrew-Joseph asked: I mixed a song for a (paying) client who wants the individually mixed tracks from the song. Is there...

LJL 2016 Summer Split Opening Movie

  My first collaboration with PlayBrain. We created the sizzle video for League of Legends Japan Summer Split. Project: LLJ...

Are the loudness wars worth fighting, or is it much ado about nothing?

Anonymously asked: Are the loudness wars worth fighting, or is it much ado about nothing?  Answer: The Loudness War is...

Analog vs Digital: The Psychology & Science Behind the Most Contentious Debate in Audio.

It’s a question that will probably never go away: Is analog or digital better for musicians and producers? I look...

Melancholic Drone – A Short Film (Trailer).

Melancholic drone – TRAILER from Igor Simic on Vimeo. Continuing my collaboration with award winning film maker Igor Simic. This...


I scored, recorded and arranged the music for a video by Head Japan Tennis. Project: Head Japan Tennis – HEAD...

How Do Vibrations Make Sound?

How Do Vibrations Make Sound? This seems like a straightforward question with  straightforward answer, but all may not be what...

How the CD Changed the Value of Music

Analog mediums of music playback are fragile. Vinyl cracks, warps, breaks and scratches. It deteriorates with each play. Cassette tapes...

Amerillo/Ollirema EP (Re-Release)

The Amerillo/Ollirema EP Explores the interaction between two synthetic lead lines playing off one another in melodic and tonal ways.

What Every Modern Producer Can Learn From Mozart

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