Biography (Commercial)

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Seasoned industry professional with 10+ years of real world experience in several areas of audio production and an in depth knowledge of key audio software, hardware, and production techniques and technologies. Reliable, responsible and creative, with an innate ability to explain difficult concepts and processes in an accessible and friendly manner.


Radio DJ/Programmer, Radio:On

Tokyo, Japan — 2000 – 2004

Produced and hosted two, pre-recorded, one hour music and variety programmes weekly, featuring interviews and live music from local Tokyo based musicians and artists.

(Radio:On was Japan’s only alternative music cable radio station broadcasting nationwide on a cable network run by Japanese media giant USEN.)


    • Weekly recording and production of two, hour long radio shows.
    • “Jingle” and “Radio ID” production.
    • Organising public events related to shows in conjunction with Radio:On’s adjoining bar and restaurant.
    • Branding and Image design (Sound and Print).

Performer, Independant

Tokyo, Japan — 2001 – 2011

Professional DJ and Live Performer on Tokyo’s underground techno scene.


    • More than 10 000 hours of intensive production work with several industry standard DAWS composing and producing original music for live performances.
    • 2001/2002 – Roland Groove Competition runner up and special guest.
    • 2006 – International recognition for music released on German record label Trapez.
    • High profile remix work and collaborations with underground techno artists from around the world such as: Rennie Foster,  3 Channels, Marcus Sur and others.
    • One of only two Japan based foreigners to play main floor of world famous mega club “Womb” as headline guest.
    • 10+ years of public performance.

Sound Design/Music Composition and Consulting, Ultra Super New

Tokyo, Japan — 2009 – 2016

Audio consultation, sound design, music, and jingle composition for leading Japanese media agency Ultra Super New. Work on projects (mostly online web campaigns) for clients ranging from Google to Red Bull.


    • Numerous commercial projects involving teamwork, storyboarding and project management.
    • Regular work under industry standard pressure and deadlines to meet client and agency objectives.
    • Audio production for a wide variety of media ranging from TV commercials to mobile games and ringtones.

Sound Design/Music Composition and Consulting, Playbrain

Paris, France/Tokyo, Japan — 2014 – Present

Audio consultation, sound design, music, and jingle composition for innovative Japanese Creative Game agency Playbrain.


    • Commercial projects involving teamwork, storyboarding and audio development.
    • Regular work under industry standard pressure and deadlines to meet client and agency objectives.
    • Audio production for a wide variety of media ranging from TV commercials to audio content fro live streaming.



Collaboration with award winning filmmaker and artist Igor Simic

Belgrade. Serbia/ Paris, France


    • “Melancholic drone” won the First prize Discovery Award at LOOP Barcelona 2016.
    • Critical acclaim for the Spine 2.0 and X Hearts Y video installations.
    • Audio production for a wide variety of projects varying from Jazz to melancholic electronica.
    • Award winning mobile game Golf Club:Wasteland with nomination for best audio at Reboot GDC, Croatia.


Freelance writer for premier online educational resource


A popular writer with articles often in the top ten list when published.

    • In-depth coverage of  European AES conferences (Paris 2016/Berlin 2017)
    • Various product reviews and tutorials.
    • A concerted effort to examine and clarify “Loudness” and it’s relevance and importance to bedroom production.
    • A network of top tier professionals for first hand insight into the audio industry.


Sounds of Belgrade

Belgrade, Serbia — 2012 – 2014

Founder and host of Sounds of Belgrade. Sounds of Belgrade is a two hour radio show showcasing the talents of DJs and Producers living and working in Belgrade, Serbia. The focus is primarily on DJs and Producers specialising in house/deephouse/techno/ambient and electronica.  The show is broadcast worldwide on Canadian Internet Radio station DE Radio every third friday of the month and, when possible, locally on BTon radio in Belgrade.


    • Built an international online platform for Serbian EMP artists to present their music to the world.
    • Created an online presence covering several key social networking sites.
    • Collaborated with local DJs  to host several club events in Belgrade at Bigz.
    • Collaborated with and their  “junior series” to mentor younger artists wanting to get into DJing and EMP.
    • Co-hosted a music workshop at the iStyle Store, USCE as part of junior series campaign.


TEDx Youth@Belgrade
Belgrade, Serbia — May 25th 2012

I was asked to give a talk about two significant life altering events and how they affected my life and led to me living in Serbia.

AIESEC New Leaders Conference
Belgrade, Serbia — October 29th 2012

I was asked to re-give my TEDx talk at AIESEC’S annual New Leaders Conference at the National Bank of Serbia.

Center for Career Development
Zemun, Serbia — March 9th 2013

I was asked to give a talk and demonstration of the history of modern music and modern music production to business students as part of a one off programme to bring left field topics to the CCD’s schedule.


National School of The Arts
Painting and Sculpture
Matriculated — 1994

SAE Institute Belgrade
Audio Engineering
Certified SAE Audio Engineer — 2014



    • Advanced knowledge and use of Logic, Ableton Live, Reason. and Reaper DAWS.
    • Advanced knowledge and use of Yamaha O2R96 and Soundcraft Ghost mixing consoles.
    • Advanced knowledge of audio production and audio post-production techniques and methodologies.
    • Advanced knowledge and use of MIDI implementation and hardware programming.
    • Upper intermediate knowledge and use of Photoshop and Illustrator (CS5).
    • Working knowledge and use of video and animation software such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Motion.
    • Intermediate knowledge and use of Resolume VJ Software.
    • Upper intermediate knowledge of SSL 6000 E Series mixing console.


    • Engineered and scored music and sound for video installation with Japan based artists Jin (2005). The art piece is now part of the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou in Paris.
    • Presentation and  Communications trainer. (More than 10 000 hours of classroom teaching experience working part-time as intensive language trainer for Japanese Corporations sending staff to work in posts abroad—2002 – 2009.)
    • Informal background in adult management and adult training methodologies. (Service Industry Experience—1995-1999).
    • Innate ability to explain difficult concepts in an easy and accessible manner.
    • Comfortable working with, and speaking in front of, large groups of people.